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Brasil Lounge & Relaxation


01. Girl From Ipanema

02. Desafinado

03. Essa Moca Ta Diferente

04. Voce Abusou

05. Aguas De Marco

06. So Danco Samba

07. Fio Maravilha

08. Agua De Beber

09. Destafinado

10. A Felicidade

11. Melancolie

12. O Que Sera

13. Samba De Uma Nota So

14. Mas Que Nada

15. Brasil

16. Partido Alto


The Greatest Hits Of Flabby - Jazz, Funk & Bossa



01. Everything Of You

02. Never More

03. Don't Break This Heart Of Mine

04. Anything Can Happen

05. I Love Jazz

06. Never Hide Your Feelings

07. I'm Feeling Good Today

08. Dibi

09. Passion Fruit

10. Everyone Should Feel Like This

11. Blake

12. The Lodgers

13. Until The End Of Time

14. The Sea Of You

15. Look At What I've Done For You

16. Why

17. Let Yourself Go

18. Room 839

19. Tu Seras A Moi Toujours

20. Sometimes


01. Baluba

02. Mambo Italiano (Madman Meet Mambo Remix)

03. Flabby's Groove

04. Diggy Doggy Doo

05. Confused

06. Jazz 4 Two

07. There's A Better Way

08. Everybody Loves Me

09. Round And Round

10. No Need To Cry

11. Pa'dentro

12. Blue Song

13. Pretty Lola

14. Check-A-Boom

15. Miss You All The TIme, Parole Parole

16. Come Back To Me

17. Little Jo

18. Mambo Italiano 98


Hanna Hais

Hanna Hais Premium Collector's Edition



01. Jungo (DJ Meme Album Mix)

02. Elle (Ralf Gum Album Mix)

03. Desire (Christoph Kardek's Deep Vocal Mix)

04. Kimayo (Jaso Dub)

05. Edouard (Hallex. M Mix)

06. Ka Donke (Boddhi Satva Nibbana Dub)

07. Evidence (Ralf Gum Dub Mix)

08. Je Sens (Christoph Kardek Dub Mix)

09. Jazz Sumba (Ian Carey Album Mix)

10. Une Journee Avec Toi (Vincent Valler Album Mix)


01. Mr Jim (Jamie Lewis Album Mix)

02. Gospel (Jamie Lewis Album Mix)

03. Parfum Chic (Matthias Heilbronn Soulflower Album Mix)

04. 3 Notes Pour Dire Je T'aime (Ralf Gum Album Mix)

05. ll Parlait Pas Francais (Larry Heard Deluxe Club Vocal Mix)

06. Je Ne Veux Plus Etre Ta Reine (Mikael Delta Better Day Mix)

07. Rosa Nova (Sergio Flores Album Mix)

08. Doucement (Matthias Heilbronn Soulflower Album Mix)

09. De Toi A Moi (Sergio Flores Album Mix)

10. Bel Amant (Matthias Heilbronn Soulflower Album Mix)


01. Rien N'est Interdit (Christoph Kardek Original Mix)

02. Le Delic (Amorhouse & Anthony Fennel Dark Mix)

03. Elle (Christoph Kardek Deep Renaissance Mix)

04. I Say Gole (Dutty Boyz Club Mix)

05. I Love America (DJ Meme Main Club Mix)

06. C'est Le Coeur (DJ Meme 12' Disco Mix)

07. Evidence (Ralf Gum Album Mix)

08. A Cote

09. ll Me Parle En Anglais

10. Je Sens (Christoph Kardek Original Mix)


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