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Rhea Raj

Rhea Raj - Neon (Special Edition)


01. Electric

02. Neon

03. Struck

04. Ignite

05. Vortex

06. Sheraya (Radio Edit) with Armin Ameli & Tejaswi

07. Electric (Cortex & Jeffrey Bergmann Remix)

08. Neon (U4Ya Radio Edit)

09. Electric (Adam Cooper Remix)

10. Ignite (U4Ya Radio Edit)

11. Sheraya (Original Extended Remix) with Armin Ameli & Tejaswi

12. Neon (U4Ya Remix)

13. Struck (Extended Club Mix)

14. Ignite (U4Ya Remix)

15. Electric (A cappella)

16. Neon (A cappella)

17. Ignite (A capella)

18. Vortex (A cappella)


MIRAMI - Sunrise


01. Intro

02. Amore Eh Oh! (English Version)

03. Holiday (Bakun Remix Album Version) with Crystal Lake

04. Summer Dreams (New Album Version) feat. LayZee

05. Я з тобою… / I’m With You...

06. Celebrate The Love feat. Rene Dif

07. Upside Down (Album Version) feat. Danzel

08. Rain & Sun

09. We Own The Night with Miami Rockers

10. Amour (New Album Version)

11. Sunrise feat. Bakun

12. The Party'll Never End

13. Amore Eh Oh! (Ukrainian Version)

14. Celebrate The Love

15. Amore Eh Oh! (English Extended Mix)

16. Amore Eh Oh! (Miami Rockers English Club Remix)

17. Amore Eh Oh! (BBX English Club Remix)

18. Amore Eh Oh! (Ukrainian Extended Mix)

Eurodance Club

Eurodance Club Back 2basic



01. Arrhythmic (2k17 Remix) - Pulse Of The Beat

02. Big Ben (Radio Edit) - Acting Lovers

03. Take My Heart (Into The Sky) (Radio Version) - Marcel De Van feat. Anna Jones

04. Let Somebody Love You - Madam Tone

05. Canyon Of My Heart (S.E.X. Appeal Extended Mix) - Lyane Leigh

06. Mountain Boy - Kissing Pollyanna

07. What Would You Do (Jenkki-Club Remix) - Nick Cold feat. Mara Klang

08. (Do You Think it's) Magic 2k17 (Hands Up Edit) - Experience Of Music feat. Lyane Leigh

09. Vocoder Dance - Marcel De Van

10. Bart Don't Break My Heart (Radio Edit) - Acting Lovers

11. Atlantis 2k17 (BMonde Remix) - S.E.X. Appeal

12. Take Me On (Heartbeat-Mix) - TP feat. Lana

13. Nite Of The Groove (Experience Of Music Happy Rave Re-Cut) - Shanghai'D Beats

14. Wild Beast (Radio Edit) - S.E.X. Appeal

15. Another Time Another Place (Dance Cut Mix) - Giuseppe Alicata

16. Anybody (Message Of Love) - X-Tension

17. Another Night (DJ Artonic Radio Mix) - Tamo feat. DJ Artonic

18. Martha Wears A Wonder Bra (Radio Edit) - Acting Lovers


01. Disco (Radio Edit) - GTS Project

02. Sexy Boy (S.E.X. Appeal Radio Edit) - Lyane Leigh

03. Try To Find (Radio Edit) - A.Voltage feat. Elaine Winter

04. Tonight (Radio Edit) - Michael Marin

05. New Day (Radio Edit) - Kyra Pharao & Siam

06. Another Night 2k17 (Experience Of Music Re-Edit) - Tamo feat. Lyane Leigh

07. Alex Needs A Lover (Radio Edit) - Acting Lovers

08. Turn It Up N Burn It Down (Radio Edit) - Ray Ramon

09. Stay The Night (Nightlife Mix) - X-Tension

10. The Sun Always Shines On TV (Radio Edit) - Danny Gee

11. I Can Reach Nobody (Radio Edit) - Franca Morgano

12. Children Of The Night (Radio Edit) - Nick Cold

13. If You Say It Again (Stormby Mix Edit) - Rozalla

14. In My Dreams (Dream Dance Edit 2017) - Marcel De Van feat. Anna Jones

15. The Top (Radio Version) - JD Streams

16. Hardhouse (S.E.X. Appeal 2k17 Rap Edit) - Experience Of Music feat. Lyane Leigh

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